Take Me Back to the Ocean

Please, take me back to the ocean. This is in Florida but we don’t have to go that extreme. The Massachusetts coast is perfectly fine. Unfortunately it’s going to rain all weekend so blah.


Daytona Beach Again

Will I be able to take some sunrise at the ocean pics this weekend?

Doesn’t look like it. The weather is going to be uncooperative both days. Figures.

Here’s another Daytona Beach pic to hold us over for now.


Daytona Beach

Celebrating the fact that Spring Training is over and the Major League Baseball season is starting by sharing another picture of Daytona Beach in Florida because the Grapefruit League is done for another year. Is there an actual connection there? No, not at all.



My last photo of the Atlantic Ocean was taken at Daytona Beach in Florida. The next one will probably be Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts, or maybe Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. I just need the temps to be a little warmer before I go for a visit.


Pretty stoked that I got that bird in the shot, even though you can barely see it or tell what it is. It’s there. Nice job, Robert.

Daytona Beach, FL


I got the color film scans back yesterday. It is probably going to take a while to get them all uploaded to Flickr, but most of the spot checks so far have looked okay. Here’s one from our quick stop at Daytona Beach.